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WILKA Schlie├čtechnik GmbH has been the leading company in the European locking and security technology for many years.

Their innovative approach to locking design sees them hold a number of patents in the field of locking technology – an excellent indication of the time and effort they put into their product development.

The latest range of WILKA locks are considered to be at the top of quality, reliability and durability.

From locks to wall readers, handles to cylinders – view all of the WILKA products available from JB Architectural Ironmongery below.

Wilka 1438 Narrow Style Sashlock

Wilka 148R

Wilka 1448

Wilka 1472

Wilka 141F

Wilka 1441

Wilka Z1410 Half Cylinder

Wilka Z1405 Knob Cylinder

Wilka Z1400 Double Cylinder

Wilka 663E Panic Keep with E-Opener

Wilka 664E Panic Keep with E-Opener

Wilka E204 Electronic Cylinder

Wilka E205 Electronic Cylinder

Wilka E207 Electronic Cylinder

Wilka E209 Electronic Cylinder

Wilka E213 Electronic Cylinder

Wilka E214 Electronic Cylinder

Wilka E215 Electronic Cylinder

Wilka E820 & E920 Electronic Handle

Wilka E821 & E921 Electronic Handle

Wilka E894 E895 & E896

Wilka SE24 & SE36 Transponder Keys

Wilka E831 & E382 Wall Reader

Wilka 6657

Wilka 6667

Wilka 6668

Wilka 6677

Wilka 6678

Wilka 661U

Wilka 6672

Wilka 7664

Wilka 7667

Wilka 5495 Self-Locking Panic Lock

Wilka 657Z

Wilka 658Z

Wilka 667Z

Wilka 668Z

Wilka 677Z

Wilka 678Z

Wilka 663E

Wilka 664E

Wilka 52P

Wilka 038F

Wilka 038R

Wilka 0453W

Wilka 1435

Wilka 1436

Wilka 152P

Wilka 1452

Wilka 138R

Wilka 138F

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