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Wilka 7664

The Wilka 7664 emergency exit lock case for automatic locking in inactive leaf, with upper and lower drive lock to withstand forced opening via the locking bars.

Stainless steel forend, 9 mm follower, follower angle rotation of 40 degrees, can be used with fittings with angles of 45 degrees, fully galvanised lock case, M5
connector thread, shoot bolt projection 18 mm.

For use with active door leaf locks with 15 mm dead bolt throw.

Designed for use in doors for burglary-resistant elements DIN EN 1627-1630.

Approved for emergency exits in compliance with EN 179 and EN 1125.

Fire protection EN 1634-1 and DIN 4102-18 certified.

EN 12-209 certified.


When actuating a handle or a pushbar / touchbar, the counter caseĆ­s drive bar rods are retracted.

The active door leaf lock latch bolt and dead bolt are pushed back at the same time.

When the inactive leaf is returned to the locked position, the lock 4685 latch automatically triggers the independent locking on the drive bar rods above and below.

The door can only be closed after this locking action.

Use with the 661U reversible lock not possible.

Special version

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